About Us

Your path to an enriched community

The Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation helps people give back to the charities and communities they care about, in a way that is simple, convenient and lasting.

We build and manage endowed funds into perpetuity and grant from the interest on those funds to support local charities. Our focus is on improving our communities — the places where we all live, work, play and raise our kids. The place we call home.

We are a young Community Foundation, and started building endowed funds in 2005. Since then we have grown to hold 19 different Funds with a total of over $720,000 in community assets. In 2010 we granted $27,858 supporting 30 local charities, bringing our total granted to over $130,000 while keeping the capital intact.

With a Community Foundation anyone can leave a legacy. Gifts of ANY amount can contribute to a lasting legacy that supports your personal passions and interests.

How we do it…

We work with you: 1) to help you direct or plan gifts that will be dedicated to philanthropy/charitable giving; and 2) to help you easily and conveniently give to all types of charities in your community.

1. Endowment Funds:

We can help you set up an endowment fund that is dedicated to charitable purposes. The endowment fund grows over time, and a portion of the income generated from the fund is given out as grants to charities of your choice.

The unique feature of a Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation Endowment Fund is that you only have to give once, but your gift keeps giving forever.

Anyone can set up an endowment fund — an individual or family, a business, or a non-profit organization.

We provide a range of endowment services-tailored to suit your family’s philanthropic interests or your organization’s sustainable community service goals. You can be involved in annual granting discussions, or simply direct the Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation to grant for a particular purpose or charity into perpetuity on your behalf.

2. Giving:

We help individual donors like you give in a way that is simple, convenient and effective. We can link your gifts to charities and initiatives that are addressing the needs in your community and improving lives. We do all the paperwork and issue the cheques on your behalf.

Working with Elgin St. Thomas Community Foundation, you can support hundreds of charities and innovative projects in Elgin County. You can support your favourite causes (like the arts, animals, health care or the environment) or the charities closest to your heart.

Or you can pool your money with other donors through our Community Fund. This is a fund where our donors come together and combine their money to address emerging local challenges, and a wide range of Elgin County charities through an annual call for applications.

We make it easy to give back and to leave a legacy.

What is a Community Foundation?

In the simplest terms, community foundations are charitable organizations dedicated to improving communities in specific geographical areas. They do this by pooling the charitable gifts of donors to create endowment funds and using the investment income to make grants.

Community Foundations in Canada are quickly becoming one of the largest grant-makers. Though each Community Foundation in Canada is an autonomous organization with it’s own Board of Directors and local focus, members share guiding principles, and benefit from best practices and mentorship. The collective assets of Community Foundations in Canada are now over $3Billion, with over $149 Million granted in 2010.

Visit Community Foundations of Canada website for more information.