Extreme Elgin Update

Extreme Elgin has been postponed for 2017

The Board of Directors of Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation voted February 28, 2017 to defer Extreme Elgin for at least 12 months, while we continue to look for another partner to help run this event. A big Thank You to all the people who have organized and participated in Extreme Elgin since 2013! If anyone knows of another organization that would like to partner with us for Extreme Elgin 2018, please let us know.

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Extreme Elgin 2015-229 (2)Pegasus Master Katie BreukersExtreme Elgin 2015-252 (2)

Extreme Elgin 2015-15

Extreme Elgin 2016 ran Saturday June 11 at Springwater Conservation Area, Aylmer

As the name suggests…..this event was  for the fearless athlete.

A 10km route with physical challenges and obstacles along the way.

Think military obstacles,….think of the Tough Mudder franchise of
ExtremeLogoevents…..and dial it back a half a smiggen (we will NOT be electrocuting you…..smile). You will need to run, climb, crawl, swim, there will be mud and water, there will be obstacles that will test you like no other race.



EXTREME Elgin 2014. Photo by Mark GirdauskusEXTREME Elgin 2014. Photo by Mark Girdauskas


Some 2016 tips:

  • If you are an elite athlete concerned with your times,….we urge you to register EARLY and choose the 10am start time, or the Black Shirt start time (see below). Each year our 10am start time fills up really quickly.

  • If you think that you will need a bit more time,….we suggest you sign up for a MIDDLE Start time/perhaps around 11am,….so that you finish with everyone else.

  • This event is all about Cooperation,…..and the shared experience of ‘no one left behind’…..and about your personal challenge. Be prepared to receive help from others and then pay it forward!

  • See a map of last year’s route and challenges here (to get a general idea of what you are up against)!

 2016 Obstacle Map.




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2015 Bragging Rights- Race Times and Awards! Click here.r

2014 Bragging Rights-Race Times and Awards! Click here.r

Extreme Elgin 2015-98 186A3392
Most photogenic award 2015 Extreme Elgin 2015-11
 Extreme Elgin 2015-245  Extreme Elgin 2015-199
 Extreme Elgin 2015-26  Extreme Elgin 2015-68
 JH__2991  Greg Kishimoto on the Gorrilla rope challenge
 Extreme Elgin 2015-56  Extreme Elgin 2015-159
 Extreme Elgin 2015-130  186A3934
 JH__3376  JH__2952
 Extreme Elgin 2015-206  Extreme Elgin 2015-165
Extreme Elgin 2015-132 Extreme Elgin 2015-254
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2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 12 W 2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 21 W
2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 09 W 2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 06 W
Extreme Elgin 2013. photo by Mark Girdauskas of MyFM (1024x683) 2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 02 W
2014 06 21 Extreme Elgin 01 W Kathy Annett- "Most Cooperative
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