100 People Who Care


June 6, 2017, 7 p.m.

CASO Station, St. Thomas


Looking for a fun, quick, and exciting way to make a positive impact in St. Thomas and across Elgin County? Join us and become one of the ‘100 People Who Care’, a donor circle established by the Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation.

100 People x $100

= $10,000 to a local charity!


How does it work?


The answer is simple: 100 People contribute $100 each.


  • The Elgin-St. Thomas Community Foundation will collect the member pledges of $100 and provide charitable donation receipts.

  • Local charities are invited to submit brief funding proposals to the Foundation. (see deadlines and criteria below)

  • A short list of charities will then be chosen.

  • At the June 6, 2017 special granting event, shortlisted charities will have the opportunity to make a five-minute presentation to the membership to pitch what they would do with $10,000 to foster positive change in the Elgin-St. Thomas community. (similar to our IGNITE Elgin events, 5 minute presentations with 20 slides)

  • At the end of the evening, the 100 People Who Care membership will vote, and the winning charity will receive $10,000 (or whatever funds have been collected in that grant cycle) that night!

  • Download info sheet here 100 People Who Care Info Sheet

.“I am very happy to be one of the founding members of the ‘100 People Who Care’ in our community,” comments Andrew Gunn, a member of the planning committee. “We have a lot of extremely talented people locally who are interested in supporting great causes, but may not have a lot of time to get involved with traditional service clubs. The ‘100 People Who Care’ approach solves this problem by offering a way to network with like-minded people, learn about charitable organizations in our community, and then make an immediate impact by supporting the best ideas.”

Become a Member!

 pledge now

Download a Pledge Form :MEMBER PLEDGE sheet




Congratulations to our JUNE 2016 winning charity!


  • June 14th, 2016,  at the CASO station we held our first granting event!

  • A total of 95 paid up/pledged members of the 100 People Who Care donor circle were eligible to vote, and decided how to allocate this grant.

  • 6 charities presented their pitch of what they would do with $9,500 collected! (videos will be posted soon)

  • At the end of the evening the 100 People membership voted by ballot, and one charity will walk away with the grant that night!

  • Congratulations to the Kettle Creek Environmental Trust who received $9,500 to support their new innovative program called “Re-Wild The Family”. Read more here

June 2016 Grant. KKET

Receive a GRANT


Are you a charity looking for funding from the 100 People Who Care donor circle?

  • Application Deadline for our next granting cycles is May 15, 2017

  • Review the Grant Criteria Here: Grant Criteria- 100 People Who Care initiative

  • Download an application forms here Application Form – 100 People Who Care initiative

  • Watch for notice of future application/grant cycle deadlines

  • If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to present to the 100 People Membership at a public event. This presentation will be 5 minutes and 20 slides to get your message across about how you would use the $10,000 grant.

  • All presentations will be videotaped, and will be posted on our social media sites. We will highlight your project and need to the community and to our donors and encourage contributions to all the applicant charities.